Court Costs

All Costs Effective as of March, 2017

Civil Division

Agreed/Consent/Dismissal Entry No Charge
Alias Service $15.00
Alias Writ $30.00
Amended Complaint $50.00
Answer, Brief & Replies No Charge
Assignment of Judgement $15.00
Bailiff Service $50.00
Certificate of Judgment Lien/Transfer $15.00
Certified Copies per Page $2.00
Certified Judgment BMV $25.00
Copy of Docket No Charge
Civil Bench Warrant $25.00
Cognovit Note
(Each Additional Defendant)
Common Pleas Transfer
$250 Check Payable to Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
Complaint (Money Only)
(Each Additional Defendant)
Continuance Motions $15.00
Counterclaim/Crossclaim $60.00
Examination $50.00
Exemplified Transcript $30.00
Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law No Charge
Forcible Entry and Detainer
(Each Additional Defendant)
Jury Demand $35.00
Jury Deposit $650.00
Leave to Plead No Charge
Levy $375.00
Levy (Alias) $200.00
Marriage $50.00
Motion for Default Judgment $30.00
Motion for Judgment On the Pleading $30.00
Motion for Relief $30.00
Motion to Dismiss $30.00
Motion to Show Cause $25.00
Motion to Stay (Except Bankruptcy) $30.00
Motion for Summary Judgment $30.00
Motion to Vacate $30.00
Motions (All Others) $15.00
New Party Plaintiff/Defendant $15.00
Notice of Appeals
Also Check Payable to Court of Appeals
NSF or Returned Check Fee $35.00
(Each Additional Defendant)
Replevin Execution Service $100.00
Revivor of Judgment (per Defendant) $70.00
Service by Publication $50.00
Service by Secretary of State $30.00
Subpoena $35.00
Third Party Complaint $50.00
Transfer from Another Court $50.00
Transfer form Small Claims to Regular Docket $60.00

Small Claims Division

Small Claims Complaint
Each Additional Defendant
Objection to Magistrate's Decision $30.00
Small Claims Counterclaim $40.00


Bank Attachment (Per Bank)
($1 Check Payable to Each Bank)
Wage Garnishment Certified Mail $130.00
Garnishment Certified Mail $15.00
2% poundage on garnishments and bank attachments for the first $10,000 and 1% thereafter.

Driving Privileges

Financial Responsibility Petition $110.00
Reinstatement Petition $60.00
Request for Modification or Extension $25.00
12 Point Appeal $110.00

Criminal Division

Waivers and Court Appearances
**Includes Mandatory State and County Fees
Dismissed Fees $60.00
Additional Fees To Above Costs If Incurred:
(Must Include Separate Payment of $125.00 to Court of Appeals)
Bad Check Fee $35.00
Bailiff Fees (Each Attempt) $50.00
Call Jury $35.00
Certified Copies (Each) $2.00
Certified Mail $10.00
Commitments/Mittimus (Each) $10.00
Continuance (Defendant) $15.00
Final Notice $15.00
Housing Fee $15.00
Immobilization Or Forfeiture Order $50.00
Indigent Application Fee $25.00
Interpreter Fee No Charge
Jury Demand $25.00
Jury Fee Deposit
(Each Person/Each Day $25.00)
Late Payment Fee $10.00
License Forfeitures/Warrant Blocks/NRVC $25.00
Motion To Reopen/Vacate Judgment $25.00
Occupational Driving Privileges $110.00
Request For Modification And/Or Extension $25.00
Reschedule Jail Time $10.00
If you believe you cannot afford the $100 filing fee, you can file a Financial Hardship Form that is included with the Instructions for Sealing or Expunging a Criminal Record.
Subpoenas (Each) $6.00
Warrant/Citation To Show Cause $25.00
Witness Fees Per Half Day $10.00