The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court has approved the following publication for notice and comment. Members of the public are invited to submit comments on the proposed changes to the rules. Comments may be submitted to or hard copy to Clerk of Courts, 40 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118. All comments must be submitted no later than March 15, 2024. All timely received comments will be considered by the Court before final adoption of the rules. A copy of the current local rules can be found HERE.

Rule 28: Recording of Proceedings
A. A record shall be made of traffic, criminal, civil, and small claims proceedings by an electronic recording device. In the event a party desires recording by stenographic means, such party must arrange for the presence and payment of a court reporter and file a written motion requesting that such individual be named as the official reporter for the hearing.
B. The Court shall maintain exclusive custody and control of the electronic recordings of proceedings.
C. The Court will retain all recordings for a period as mandated by law. At the expiration of such period, recordings may be destroyed or deleted at the discretion of the Court, except in the instance of an appeal in which event the recordings will be retained during the pendency of the appeal.
D. A party may have a full or partial transcript prepared from the Court recordings by arranging for the presence and payment of a court reporter to prepare the same or purchasing a copy of the recording from the Clerk on compact disk or other available storage device.
E. Unless otherwise ordered, the Court makes all court reporter appointments by motion of a party. A party requesting a transcript shall identify and move to appoint a particular transcriber. Provided the transcriber has the necessary qualifications and training to produce a reliable transcript that conforms to the requirements of App.R. 9(B)(6), the Court will thereafter approve and appoint the transcriber. Upon appointment, the transcriber shall contact the Court's Bailiff to arrange for transcription. Unless otherwise ordered, all costs of obtaining the transcript are the responsibility of the requesting party.
Unless otherwise ordered, the copy recorded electronically by the Court shall be the official Court record.

The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court was established along with other municipal courts, by legislature in 1953 under Chapter 1901.01 of the Ohio Revised Code. The City of Cleveland Heights Court has jurisdiction within the corporate limits of The City of Cleveland Heights and is a court of record.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
The Court is closed on weekends and legal holidays.

The above schedule is subject to change.
This schedule changes whenever there is a Legal Holiday.

Court Location

Cleveland Heights Municipal Court
40 Severance Circle
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118

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General Questions (216) 291-4901
Pay Fines & Costs (216) 291-4901 X2
Criminal/Traffic/Housing (216) 291-4901 X3
Civil Division (216) 291-4901 X4
Juror Information (216) 291-4901 X7

Mission Statement

The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Ohio. It will administer justice without respect to persons and faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent it. The Court will handle each matter that comes before it efficiently and judiciously, always upholding its independence, integrity, and impartiality.

About the Court

The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court has jurisdiction within the corporate limits of Cleveland Heights. The subject-matter jurisdiction of the Court, that is, the types of cases that the Court can hear, includes preliminary hearings in felony cases, traffic and criminal misdemeanors, civil cases in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $15,000, and small claims cases in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $6,000. The Judge also has the authority to perform marriages. For more information about any please see the Court Information heading of this website.

Court Session Days And Times

Monday Jury Trials (Only on Select Dates) 8:30am
  Magistrate Sentencing/PV Hearings (Only on Select Mondays) 9:30am
  Sentencing 1:30pm
  Civil Hearings 1:30pm
Tuesday Housing Docket 9:00am
  Special Hearing Docket 10:30am
  Criminal Arraignments 1:30pm
  Pre-Trials 1:30pm
Wednesday Eviction Docket 8:45am
  Traffic Arraignments 9:30am
  DUS Arraignments 1:00pm
  DUS Trials 2:30pm
Thursday Trials 9:00am
  Traffic Trials 1:00pm
Friday Time-To-Pay Docket 9:30am